Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Brownells Premium 1" Delrin Tipped Brass Hammer is precision manufactured and hand assembled entirely within the USA.  The brass head is hand turned (the ole fashion way, one at a time) from CDA 360 brass rod, extruded in a USA mill, and beautfully hand polished.  On one end of this brass hammer is a finely crafted, high quality Delrin Tip that is securely locked into place.  This Delrin tip offers the quick availablilty of a softer end when the need arises.  A properly seasoned, turned in the USA, hickory handle is then pressed into the finished brass head and securely brass pinned.  This hammer is a work of art yet designed to serve the professional or hobbyist gunsmith, woodworker, mechanic, and machinist with years of hard use.

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Style: Brass, Delrin