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Brownells Blueprint: Custom Builds - Lever Gun

11 days ago
Lever Gun Build

Lever Gun Build

About This Build: A Rifle for the 21st Century Frontier

Today, lever action rifles remain popular with hunters, ranchers, outdoorspeople, and rifle fans who appreciate their compactness, maneuverability, and speed of cycling. Short of an autoloader, there's no rifle action that can bring a follow-up shot online faster than a lever gun. But just because you're using a lever gun as your "working rifle" today doesn't mean you're limited to 150-year-old technology! Thanks to aftermarket parts makers like Midwest Industries, you can upgrade your lever rifle with the types of upgrades originally developed for modern sporting rifles like the AR-15. Here's how we fitted out a Henry Repeating Arms X Model in .360 Buckhammer with some of Midwest's ergonomic and functional upgrades.

Off went that small old-style forend, replaced by Midwest's AR-style M-LOK® handguard with a full-length M1913 Picatinny rail on top. This rifle is now ready for any optic, light, laser sight, or other accessory from your AR. But lever rifles are often used at close ranges, so we're thankful that Midwest includes aperture rear and winged post front "iron" sights for the close work.

We swapped out the heavy, bulky factory stock for Midwest's lean, light, skeletonized stock, including the optional adjustable cheek riser for an extra measure of stability when lining up long shots. Despite its lightness, this aluminum stock is strong, and it's backed by a substantial rubber recoil pad to take the sting out of that .360 Buckhammer kick. We installed a pair of optional G10 grip panels. Their aggressive texturing helps the shooter maintain a firm hold on the grip.... and we just like the way the contrasting color looks on the gun, too.

Finally, who wants to have to hike all the way back to their truck to get more ammo? So we installed Midwest's Stock Shell Holder system to securely hold 12 extra rounds of .360 goodness at the ready, should we need it.

And voila, here is a compact, lightweight, maneuverable, adaptable lever action rifle that's ready to rule your local deer woods!

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