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Necessary for Mounting 37mm Launcher to Your AR-15; Totally Authentic USGI Looks

The ultimate accessory for your Retro Rifle AR-15 is an authentic M203 37mm launcher - but you also need the correct, period-accurate mount to complete the package. The LMT M203 37mm Launcher Mounting Kit gets the job done. More than just the necessary utilitarian hardware for attaching your launcher to your rifle, it includes the correct replacement handguard AND leaf sight, identical to those on the original military-issue M203 mounts - for the ultimate authentic look.

  • Everything needed to install LMT M203 launcher on AR-15
  • Authentic USGI-type leaf sight included
  • Aluminum, steel & polymer construction
  • Separate models for carbine & rifle barrels, see below...

The M203 mounting kit includes the correct-style polymer replacement handguard with the GI-type aluminum heat shield inside. These mounts fit AR-15s with a the standard mil-spec barrel nut. Carbine mount lets you install your M203 launcher on an AR-15 with an M4 carbine barrel that has a circular front cap and the .625" O.D. cutout just ahead of the gas block. Rifle model fits a 20" M16A1 / M16A2 / M16A3 rifle barrel with a triangle front cap and a .625" O.D. at the attachment point.

A quick-detach mount is also available that lets you instantly remove the M203 from your rifle when it’s needed for other purposes.


Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:016

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Color: Black

Length: 7

Material: Polymer

Style: M203

Type: Drop-In