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The Sinclair Bullet Seating Depth Tool has been used for decades by handloaders seeking the most accuracy out of their rifles. Our newest model is made from one fourth inch ground and polished stainless steel with one end turned down for use with 17 and 20 caliber rifles and the other end used for 22 caliber and up. This tool helps you determine the length of a loaded round touching the rifling.

The Sinclair Seating Depth Tool will work with most bolt action, single shot and AR type rifles. The tool includes a Delrin action guide suitable for most bolt-action rifles (0.690” Diameter fits Remingtons, Savages, Winchesters, and many Rugers). For the most accurate measurement, the Sinclair Bullet Seating Depth Tool uses your fireformed brass and bullets so you can expect an exact measurement, every time.

Also available are guides use in AR-15's, AR-10's, and Tubb's 2000's. The guide is a little different than our standard bolt-action guides. This guide inserts into the back of the upper receiver (with the bolt removed). The tool is then used as normal.

For best results couple this tool with our Bullet Comparators and a good set of calipers to get repeatable and precise Base-To-Ogive measurements.

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Action Fit: Cooper 21, Cooper 38, Sako A1, Sako L46, Sako Vixen

Diameter (in): 0.555"

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Action Fit: CZ 527, Kimber 84M, Sako AII, Sako L579

Diameter (in): 0.590"

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Action Fit: Howa 1500, Kimber 8400, Sako AIII, Sako AIV, Sako L61, Tikka, ...

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Action Fit: Hall Express, Sako TRG, Steyr L, Steyr M, Steyr SSG

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Action Fit: Sig Sauer

Diameter (in): 0.785"

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Action Fit: Steyr SBS, Steyr Scout

Diameter (in): 0.825"

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Action Fit: Kleingunther, Ruger American, Ruger Precision Rifle, Weatherby Mark V

Diameter (in): 0.838"

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Action Fit: BBR, Hall, Millennium, RPA

Diameter (in): 0.870"