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One of the most revolutionary reloading tools on the market today, the Forster Datum Dial allows precision handloaders to pick points on cartridge cases for fine measurements, leading to greater accuracy, precision and safety in handloading rounds. With the Forster Datum Dial Body Assembly, handloaders have all the tools they need to attach a Cartridge Dial to their kit, as well as keep a Datum Dial handy for most of today's common calibers.

Each Forster Datum Dial Body Assembly includes a 6-32x1/2-inch socket head cap screw, washer, ball detent, body, thumbscrew, cup point set screw, and two hex keys needed to get your kit started.

Includes the following components, with no Cartridge Dials included:

  • 6-32 x ½” Socket Head Cap Screw (DD1010-017)
  • Washer, .250 x .156 x .013 (DD1010-019)
  • Ball Detent (DD1010-015)
  • Body (DD1010-011)
  • Thumbscrew (DD1010-014)
  • Cup Point Set Screw, 6-32 x ¼” (DD1010-018)
  • 7/64” Hex Key (Allen Wrench) (HEXWRENCH7/64)
  • 1/8” Hex Key (Allen Wrench) (HEXWRENCH1/8)


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