Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Sinclair Power Center will significantly reduce the number of hours spent on case preparation and give you more time to spend shooting and in the field. The Sinclair Power center turns case preparation for a hand numbing chore into a fairly easy operation. Cases are prepared uniformly and quickly with much less effort.

The Sinclair Power Center compact and features a quiet, low RPM motor with enough torgue to handle turning thick case necks while not overheating from continuous use. Other motorized case prep units are underpowered, noisy, turned at too high rpm's, overheat quickly and/or have exposed wiring or capacitators.

The Sinclair Power Center is built around a small but powerful motor attached to a gearhead that turns at 200 rpm and has a torque rating of 43 inch pounds. The motor we selected is more powerful than actually needed, but we didn't want a motor that was under powered. The motor and gearhead are completely enclosed in a vented housing so no capacitors or wires are exposed. Top mounted heavy-duty on/off switch is ergonomically positioned, which is especially important for neck turning operations that require frequent motor stops for unloading/loading the case. The motor and motor housing are all mounted on a large platform that provides plenty of clamping surface area. Heavy-duty power cord (6 feet) is equipped with a grounded plug.

The Power Center shaft is equipped with a 3/8 inch capacity keyless chuck so it will accept nearly every case prep tool we offer. Common uses include primer pocket uniforming, flash hole deburring, inside case neck cleaning, chamfering and deburring, and neck turning. For neck turning operations, we highly recommend using our Sinclair Case Drivers in the chuck to hold the cases securely.

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