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Small, Lightweight and Nimble Pack for Your EDC Essentials

Yeah, it's nice to think about having a huge, loaded-down, three-day pack with everything you need to survive a nuclear strike, but let's be real: What are you really going to use and carry on a daily basis? Keep your prepper gear at home or in the car and stay nimble with your EDC essentials with the Vertx Essentials 2.0 Pack.

Rather than weighing you down with a big bag filled with stuff you probably won't use, the Vertx Essentials 2.0 Pack is small, lightweight and nimble while providing a slot for all the gear you'll use on a daily basis. One of the critical elements of the pack is a concealed-carry pocket that takes standard ballistic panels and also offers a hook-and-loop backer for compatible holsters and storage of other personal-defense tools. A main compartment allows users to stash a tablet and other small gear, as well as add hook-and-loop accessories and Tactigami organization panels.

  • Colors: black
  • Size: 11.5 x 10 x 6 inches
  • Cubic Inches: 1,604

Each Vertx Essentials 2.0 Pack offers fast, easy access to its internals, thanks to Rapid-Access pull tabs and zippered compartments. The entire system is designed to last through years of daily use, thanks to reinforced stitching on high-stress areas of the pack, as well as all attachment points.


No longer deliverable by the Factory

Color: Black