Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Pack Worthy of Its Namesake

The Griff Pack from Grey Ghost Gear wasn’t named by some marketing focus group or random pull from a word bank, a friend of GGG killed in Tal Afar, Iraq in 2005 is where the name came from. And a pack bearing a name like that has to live up to the man, so it was built to be tough, versatile, and have a few surprises.

The Griff Pack front compartment has storage for everyday items like pens, lights, and notebooks, but the loop panel allows for customized panel attachment so you can make the pack serve whatever duty you need. Integral loops can hold almost anything, including pistol or SMG mags, if you wish. The middle pouch is equipped similarly, letting you choose your own adventure when customizing the bag.

  • 1824 cubic inches of storage
  • 38 ounces
  • Main pocket – 19 x 12 x 8
  • Front pocket – 12 x 9 x 3
  • Available in black or gray

The Grey Ghost Gear Griff Pack back compartment is where things get really exciting. The padded laptop sleeve is a nice touch for everyday function. And just across from it, another loop panel. This panel was placed here, to work in concert with the pass-thru doors on either side of the pack to allow you to place a hook-backed holster so you can draw a pistol without removing the pack. You can even close the access off on the side you don’t draw from. Carrying this pack, you can’t say that you aren’t equipped to be ready for whatever may come.


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Color: Black

Cubic Inches: 1824

Weight: 38.0 oz

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Color: Grey

Cubic Inches: 1824

Weight: 38.0 oz