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0034-23 Tech Tip - Changing A 1022 Barrel_Thumb

Tech Tip: How To Change a Ruger 10/22 Barrel

Author Caleb Savant
one year ago
Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb Savant shows us how to replace the barrel on a Ruger® 10/22® rifle or one of the many 10/22® compatible .22 LR rimfire rifles. In fact, he's working on a rifle built around a Brownells BRN-22™ receiver. The good news is the process is the same.
GETTING STARTED: As always, the first step is to make sure the gun is unloaded. The extractor of a semi-auto rimfire gun can sometimes slip off the rim and leave a round in the chamber. Do an eyes-on inspection of the chamber to be sure it's empty.
REMOVE THE STOCK: If your 10/22® has a barrel band, remove that first. Then grab a 5/32" hex wrench and remove the screw, just ahead of the magazine well, that secures the stock to the receiver. Move the safety button into the middle position - not fully on, not fully off - so it won't snag on the stock. Slide the action out of the stock, barrel end first.
More good news: you don't have to remove the fire control group, bolt, or charging handle from the receiver in order to change the barrel. Just lock the bolt open so you don't break the extractor while you're working. The extractor fits into a cut in the barrel. You can snap the extractor if you twist the barrel as you remove it.
DEN OF VISE: Clamp the receiver just ahead of the charging handle into the padded jaws of your bench vise. Using your 5/32" hex wrench again, remove the two bolts from the V-block that secures the barrel to the receiver. Hot Tip: You'll be accessing the bolt heads at an angle, so a ball-tip hex wrench is a big help here. Remove the V-block..... and the barrel just slides right out. If the barrel is difficult to remove, the vise is probably gripping the receiver too tightly. Back off the clamping pressure a smidge.
ON WITH THE NEW: Put a tiny bit of grease on the shank of the new barrel to make it easier to install and protect it from corrosion. Be careful not to clog the extractor slot. Insert the new barrel into the receiver. Some barrels fit so snugly you'll need to tap the muzzle. Use a polymer bench block or something soft that won't damage the muzzle crown. Line up the flat on the underside of the barrel with the flat on the receiver. Install the V-block, and start tightening the bolts. Alternate between the bolts to make the barrel block snug up evenly against the receiver.
When the bolts are finger tight, use your adjustable torque wrench to final tighten them to 28 in.-lbs. Caleb uses a Fix It Sticks T-handle and adjustable torque attachment.
Remove the receiver from the vise and check to make sure the bolt closes and the extractor slides freely in its slot.
STOCK UP: Make sure the safety is in the middle position. Work the action back into the stock rear first. Reinstall the stock screw. Caleb recommends torquing the screw to about 25 in.-lbs.
Your new barrel is installed in your 10/22. It's time hit the range and see how the rifle shoots!

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