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0108-23 Quick Tip - How to Install The RECCE Stock_Thumb

How To Install the Reptilia RECC-E Stock

Author Caleb Savant
one month ago
"Dang, I gotta have one!" exclaimed Brownells Gun Tech™ Caleb when he saw the Reptilia RECC-E™ Stock for AR-15. Since he's "been there, done that," he walks us step-by-step through installing one. The RECCE is a complete system that includes the receiver extension (aka, buffer tube), so start by clamping your lower in your bench vise with the aid of a vise block, and remove the existing stock, buffer assembly, buffer tube, and rear takedown pin. The RECC-E itself comes assembled.... so you have to take it apart in order to install it. Extend it and unscrew the big hex-head bolt at the rear of the buffer tube. It should be only hand tight. Now, you can slide the buffer tube out of the stock body. Remove the front nosepiece.
Insert the buffer retainer detent and spring into the receiver. Thread the RECC-E buffer tube into the lower receiver. When you have the tube up to the detent, push down on the detent and hand-tighten the tube. Torque it to 35 ft.-lbs. with your armorer's wrench and a torque driver. The torque setting is handily printed in white on the tube itself. Reinstall the rear takedown pin and its detent and spring. Slide the RECC-E's nosepiece onto the buffer tube, making sure the protrusion on the front notches into the cut in the rear of the receiver. Be careful not to kink the takedown pin spring as you do it. The spring will try to push the nosepiece away, so hold it while you slide the stock onto the buffer tube.
Thread the hex bolt into the RECC-E buffer tube until it's hand-tight. Snug it up with the wrench. Reptilia says should be torqued to 25 in.-lbs., which is stamped on the nut in white lettering. That's INCH-pounds, not foot-pounds. Now.... what about Loc-Tite®? Does it need a little thread-locker? It's an aluminum bolt going into an aluminum tube, so Loc-Tite® isn't necessary. If you really, really want to use some, listen carefully to Uncle Caleb's warning!
Reinstall the buffer and action spring, and you are good to go. The RECC-E Stock is extremely lightweight, yet has a wide cheekweld area and a substantial bearing surface on the recoil pad for your shoulder. Reptilia went minimalist everywhere on it except the critical interfaces between you and the stock. The QD sling swivel socket can be swapped between the right and left sides of the stock.
At the time we're releasing this video, the RECC-E Stock is available with a carbine buffer system. Word from Reptilia is that A5 and SR-25 versions are on the way.
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