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This week only - Start your rifle build & get 15% off Rifle Parts - SHOP NOW

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0041-24 Top 6 Glock Upgrades for Under $50_Thumb

Top 6 Glock™ Upgrades for Under $50

Author Caleb Savant
17 days ago

Hey, I'm Caleb with Brownells. In today's video, we're exploring the top six Glock™ upgrades under $50. Let's dive in:

TangoDown Vickers Tactical Slide Stop for Glock™ - Offers a compact and streamlined design that extends just enough for better usability without increasing snag points. Perfect for those prone to accidentally engaging the slide stop. 

TangoDown Vickers Tactical Magazine Catch for Glock™ - This slightly extended catch improves ease of use without being overly protrusive, fitting multiple Glock™ generations (specifically mentioned here are Gen 3 and Gen 4). 

Wilson Combat Front Sight for Glock™ - A top-notch, all-aluminum, serrated fiber optic sight that comes with its own installation tool. It stands out for its durability and straightforward design.

Glock™ Factory Adjustable Rear Sight - A cost-effective and adjustable rear sight that pairs well with the Wilson Combat front sight, offering a simple solution for shooters looking for sight adjustments.

Ghost 3.3 Trigger Kit for Glock - Known for improving the Glock's trigger pull, this kit includes everything needed for a smoother trigger experience, featuring two striker springs for customizable reliability.

Magpul Enhanced Magazine Well for Glock™ - Designed to fit Glock™ factory frames, this enhancement provides a flared mag well to facilitate quicker magazine changes. Available for various generations, including Gen 3.

And those are my top picks for Glock™ upgrades under $50. If you have any questions, comments, or your own favorite Glock upgrades, feel free to share them below. Thanks for joining us today, and see you next time!

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