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Prime Time To Build Sale - Take 15% Off Gun Parts w/ Code PRIME15 - SHOP NOW

Prime Time To Build Sale - Take 15% Off Gun Parts w/ Code PRIME15 - SHOP NOW

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Brownells Blueprint: Custom Builds - Jack Of All Trades AR

24 days ago
AR-15 Build

AR-15 Build

About This Build: Jack of all Trades AR

If you're looking for a versatile AR-15, this one takes the cake. It's like the jack of all trades, ready to handle any task you throw at it. The AR-15's adaptability and versatility have made it a favorite among a wide range of shooters, from tactical operators to casual plinkers.

Let's start with the optic. The Tango MSR 1-10x Sig Sauer scope is the perfect choice for this build. It offers a killer range of magnification, making it ideal for everything from close-range home defense to longer-range varmint hunting. The 1x setting gives you a wide field of view and quick target acquisition, perfect for fast-moving situations or close-quarters combat. On the flip side, the 10x magnification lets you take precise shots at extended distances, ensuring you hit your targets with confidence and accuracy.

To match the optic's versatility, this AR-15 build focuses on being lightweight and well-balanced. We can't stress enough how important ergonomics are, especially for a rifle that's meant to handle multiple roles. A well-balanced rifle reduces fatigue during long shooting sessions and makes it easier to maneuver in dynamic situations.

Managing recoil is another crucial aspect of this build. By incorporating features like a mid-length gas system, a quality muzzle brake, and an adjustable stock, we've got recoil under control. This means you can take follow-up shots faster and have better overall control of the rifle. Plus, the adjustable stock ensures a custom fit for different shooters, so you can shoot comfortably and stay in control.

The core components of this AR-15 build include the rock-solid Aero Precision Assembled Upper Receiver. This upper receiver sets a strong foundation for the entire build. And we can't forget about the Brownells M16 Phosphate Bolt Carrier Group MP C158, which guarantees reliable cycling and long-term durability thanks to its top-notch manufacturing process and durable materials.

Inside the rifle, we've got the Geissele B-G2S-E 2 Stage Enhanced Trigger. This trigger is known for its smooth and consistent pull, which is essential for achieving high accuracy and precision. It's a great choice for competitive shooting and hunting scenarios. And to make charging the rifle a breeze for both right- and left-handed shooters, we've added the Radian Weapons AR-15 Raptor-LT Ambidextrous Charging Handle .

This AR-15 build is all about flexibility when it comes to optics and accessories. The free-float Midwest Industries AR-15 G4 14" Handguard gives you a stable platform to mount all sorts of accessories without messing with the barrel's accuracy. Thanks to the M-LOK slots along the handguard, you can attach extras like the ProTac Rail Mount HL-X Pro Long Gun Light. Providing powerful illumination for low-light situations, making your rifle even more versatile.

And let's not forget about the Die Free Co Kung Fu Grip. It adds an extra level of comfort and control, ensuring you've got a solid grip on your rifle no matter the shooting conditions. With its ergonomic design, shooting for extended periods of time becomes a breeze.

When you pair the Tango MSR 1-10x optic with this lightweight and well-balanced build, focused on ergonomics and recoil management, along with top-quality components like the Aero Precision upper receiver and the Geissele trigger, you get an AR-15 that punches above its weight class. Whether you're defending your home, hunting varmints, or just having a blast at the range, this versatile AR-15 build is equipped to handle a wide variety of shooting scenarios with ease and precision.

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