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Brownells Blueprint: Custom Builds - BRN-22

28 days ago
BRN-22 Build

BRN-22 Build

About This BRN-22 Build

When crafting the ideal firearm for both precision shooting and effective varmint hunting, this BRN-22 build stands out as a top contender, especially for the everyday shooter. The Brownells BRN-22 Stripped Receiver for the Ruger® 10/22®, machined from 6061 aluminum billet to exacting tolerances providing a precise fit for the foundation of the build.

At the heart of the BRN-22's appeal is its Victor Company Titan stock, which enhances its ergonomics significantly. This feature is a game changer for everyday shooters who value comfort and ease of use. Whether you're a novice getting comfortable with shooting mechanics or an experienced marksman looking for a reliable practice rifle, the Titan stock makes the BRN-22 easy to handle and shoot. It's made from an ultra-rigid fiberglass composite resin providing a solid support to the action with almost zero flex. While Victor's Anchor Lock System utilizing a hardened aluminum bedding block up front for the action screw, and a separate block and screw anchors in the rear of the action.

Another standout feature of this build is the ER Shaw barrel known for its superior accuracy. This precision-engineered barrel allows for consistently tight groupings, making it perfect for those who take pride in honing their shooting skills or engaging in precise varmint control. Whether you're plinking cans for fun or targeting pesky garden invaders, the ER Shaw barrel ensures your shots are on point.

The KIDD Trigger greatly enhances this BRN-22 build, and is a top aftermarket trigger for the 10/22 rifle platform. This trigger is highly praised for its patented two-stage design by Tony Kidd, which offers a clean, consistent pull adjustable from a light 6 ounces to a more substantial 2.5 pounds. This feature is crucial for shooters looking to maintain precision in competitive shooting or varmint hunting. The trigger assembly is meticulously crafted using CNC-machined components and wire EDM-cut internals, ensuring both durability and reliability. The two-stage mechanism provides a smooth initial pull followed by a clear stop, enabling a crisp and reliable trigger break. This enhances overall shooting accuracy and makes the KIDD Trigger a preferred choice for serious shooters aiming for both performance and adaptability in their rifle build.

Flexibility in optics is another aspect where this BRN-22 excels. The rifle's versatility is enhanced by its ability to accommodate different types of optics. Switching from a simple red dot sight for close-range targeting and quick acquisition to a magnified optic for longer distances is straightforward. This adaptability makes the BRN-22 an excellent all-rounder that can be tailored to various shooting activities without compromising performance.

A prime example of an ideal optic for this rifle is the Swampfox Optics Liberator II Mini Red Dot Sight. It boasts improved battery life due to new emitters and incorporates Shake 'N Wake motion-sensing technology, which automatically activates the optic on movement and conserves power when not in use. This sight is also designed for versatility with two 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny mounts and compatibility with standard micro dot mounts, accommodating a variety of platforms. This adaptability makes the BRN-22 an excellent all-rounder that can be tailored to various shooting activities without compromising performance.

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