Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Improves Target Visualization

Highly visible, fiber optic front sight features a unique, interchangeable mounting post system for easy installation on most major brands of shotguns with plain or ribbed barrels. Pre-tapped, steel sight base accepts five, included mounting posts to accommodate shotguns drilled and tapped for 6-48, 5-40 or 3-56, plus the popular 3mm x .5 or 3mm x .6 metric sizes. Bright, red, fiber optic LitePipe provides superior light transmission from dawn ‘til dusk, perfect for low light hunting conditions, as well as competition and self defense guns where fast sight acquisition is paramount. Requires drilling and tapping on shotguns with factory, press-fit bead sights.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:323

SPECS: Sight Base - Steel, blue finish. .204” (5.2mm) long x .137” (3.5mm) wide. Bead - Polymer, red. .362” (9.2mm) long x .106” (2.7mm) diameter. Sight Height - .167” (4.2mm) high from top of barrel to top of bead. 6-48 fits Remington, Weatherby, SKB and Ithaca. 3-56 fits Browning Citori target guns, Benelli, Beretta, Ruger®, and Winchester. 5-40 fits Mossberg. 3mm x .5 fits Browning Gold and Citori field guns. 3mm x .6 fits Browning Citori Hunter.


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Sight Color: Red

Style: Fiber Optic Beads