Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Screw-On Tubes For Increased Capacity

Gives you additional magazine capacity in only a minute. Quick and simple to install and remove. Threaded tube replaces magazine cap screw. Perfect for Shotgun Action Shooting events or Law Enforcement. Sling Swivel Clamp available separately.

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SPECS: Extension - Steel, blued or parkerized, matte finish. 12 ga. only. Includes extended spring, follower and swivel clamp. Sling Swivel Clamp - Blued or parkerized steel, front and rear 1" swivel rings with studs. Chart indicates number of ROUNDS (RDS) in addition to factory magazine capacity for each model.


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Capacity: 3-Round

Gauge: 12 Gauge

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Capacity: 2-Round

Gauge: 12 Gauge