Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Provides An Extra Wide Shot Pattern; Serrated Tip Aids In Door Breeching

Machined steel, extended tactical choke with large diameter bore provides extra wide patterns at close range for home defense or CQB operations. Features a serrated, saw-tooth tip that holds tight against locks and hinges to prevent the muzzle from sliding during forced entry operation. Twelve, equally spaced ports redirect combustion gases to reduce felt recoil and prevent barrel damage when used for forced entry. Knurled gripping surface makes it easy to install and remove the choke without special tools. Precision machined from 1704 stainless steel for maximum strength, then treated with a manganese phosphate finish for improved wear resistance. Models available for  Winchester/Savage/Browning Invector/Weatherby/Mossberg 500, 12 gauge only. Can be used with lead, buckshot, hevishot, or steel shot without damage.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:197

SPECS: 1704 stainless steel, manganese phosphate finish, matte black. Fits 12 gauge only.


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Choke Type: Tactical

Gauge: 12 Gauge

Style: Extended, Ported