Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Benchrest shooters have used Carbide Neck Die Bushings for many years because the many advantages they offer over steel bushings outweighs their higher cost. Carbide Bushings are “straight”, true to size, cannot be scratched by grit on case necks, don’t wear from years and years of use, and are available in ½ thousandth sizes. These bushings are the standard ½ inch diameter by 3/8 inch tall style used in most sizing dies – custom and standard production from Wilson, Redding, Hornady and most others. They will not fit the Jones dies with the shoulder machined in the bushing. Bushings go in the die in one direction only, with the highly polished chamfer down in the bushing cavity, and the Bushing Size is laser engraved on each bushing. Several top benchrest shooters have tried using very tight bushing sizes to obtain more “neck tension”, but they have found that bushing sizes smaller than .2655” with case necks cut to .0082” in a .262” chamber are not effective – they gain no more neck tension.

We are now stocking Carbide Bushings for the PPC and BR cases with .262” and .263” chamber necks and .267” to .270” chamber necks. Order the size you need by using the “drop-down” box. Other sizes may be available on special order, and we will be happy to order custom sizes for you – call or email us for non-stocked bushings. Bushings are made in batches several times a year, so there may be some delay in obtaining a special size.


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