Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Thoroughly & GENTLY Cleans Cases Inside & Out

The RCBS Rotary Case Cleaner uses tumbling action to scrub all surfaces of the cartridge case. Rather than the violent shaking of a vibratory tumbler, the RCBS Rotary Case Cleaner is a true "tumbler" that cleans the brass gently, like an old lapidary tumbler. The result is a lot less noise - in part thanks to the rubber lined drum - and less wear and tear on your cases. And extending case life is good for your bottom line - part of the whole point of reloading, right?

RCBS gave their Rotary Case Cleaner a smooth, belt-driven motor that rotates the drum at a steady 60 RPM to ensure uniform cleaning. You can set the timer for up three hours of continuous cleaning action. And there’s even an easy-to-grasp ergonomic handle on the drum to make loading and unloading of the Rotary Case Cleaner easy.

  • Rugged, reinforced molded polymer construction keeps weight down, helps dampen noise
  • Quick-locking snap-on lid ensures your brass, media & polish stay inside
  • 5 lbs. of stainless steel media included
  • Available in 120 or 240 volt models
  • 240 volt model is EU/UK/AUS compliant

The RCBS Rotary Case Cleaner even comes with 5 lbs. of magnetic stainless steel media. Stainless media is pretty much indestructible, never needs renewing or replacing, and does a heckuva thorough job on even the most oxidized, gunked up brass.


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