Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Forget About Scrounging for Battered Originals! Brand-New "Waffle" Mags Are Available Again

The Brownells Retro Waffle steel 20-round M16 magazine is a close replica of the original military M16 magazines issued in the late 1950s and early ’60s. With the distinctive waffle pattern stamped into its steel (NOT aluminum!) body, just like the originals, our Waffle 20-round M16 magazine gives the final touch of period accuracy to your "retro" reproduction rifle.

Most of the original USGI waffle mags were destroyed by the Department of Defense and so are extremely rare and hard to come by - and the few that survived are collector’s items too valuable to shoot. Our mags give you the period-correct appearance at a fraction of the cost, with 100% up-to-date and reliable innards for dependable function in ANY AR-15 - new, old, or reproduction.

  • Magazine body & floorplate made exclusively for Brownells by Nodak Spud
  • Floorplate & spring are from the Brownells USGI 20rd aluminum magazines
  • Fully heat-treated (for strength) carbon steel magazine body
  • Waffle pattern crisply stamped into the sheet metal
  • Matte black Parkerized finish

With a Brownells Retro Waffle steel 20-round M16 magazine, you give your retro AR-15 build that vintage military look. The waffle texture gives any AR-15 shooter extra "purchase" to aid in fast mag changes in non-retro rifles, too.


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Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO

Capacity: 20-Round

Quantity: 1

Finish: Black

Material: Steel