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Fits & Functions Reliably in Colt Original & USAC Reproduction 1903s

U.S. Armament’s reproduction Colt 1903 8-round replacement magazine is built to original factory specifications for correct fit and function in both original, Colt-manufactured guns and new USAC pistols. Colt 1903 8-round replacement magazines have all-steel construction with the main tube heat-treated for exceptional hardness to resist wear during many trips in and out of the magwell.

  • .32 ACP only
  • Compatible with original Colt 1903s and U.S. Armament reproductions
  • Polished blue finish
  • 7 witness holes on each side of tube
  • Base plate is stamped "CAL .32 COLT"

U.S. Armament’s Colt 1903 8-round replacement magazines save you from having to put wear and tear on precious original mags or go scrounging at gun shows for replacements that have seen better days.

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Cartridge: 32 Auto (ACP)

Capacity: 8-Round

Quantity: 1

Finish: Black

Material: Steel