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Permanent Bore Treatment Reduces Fouling Buildup, Makes Cleaning Easy & Fast

Chemical bore treatment produces a permanent, significant reduction in fouling, so you can shoot more and clean less often. When you do clean, carbon, lead, copper, and plastic wad or sabot fouling come out much more easily than from an untreated bore. A typical rifle may need only a few passes with wet and dry patches to get down to the bare metal, even after firing hundreds of shots. No hard scrubbing with bronze/stainless steel brushes, or harsh copper- and lead-removing solvents. For black powder shooters, Dyna-Bore Coat eliminates “carbon ring” buildup, and for benchrest shooters, it simplifies initial barrel break-in by eliminating the time-consuming method of cleaning after every shot when breaking in a barrel. Easy-to-apply: get the bore completely clean following the kit’s instructions included, apply the alcohol prep solution, then apply the Bore Coat solution using a loose-fitting patch. Dyna-Bore bonds molecularly to the barrel, and once cured (after 8-10 rounds) is only .25 microns thick, so it has no effect on velocity, point of impact, or group size. One application will last the useful life of the bore. Enough to coat the bores of 5-6 long guns.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:163

SPECS: 1 fl. oz. (30ml) Dyna-Bore Coat, 1 fl. oz. Alcohol Clean, and instructions. Use jacketed bullets to center and set the coating. After the first cleaning use of cast lead is ok. Muzzle loaders firing full lead conical “balls” do not require jacketed bullets nor do Cowboy Action guns firing only lead bullets.

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