Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

With over 25 years’ experience in ultrasonic firearm cleaning, Infante Ultrasonics is offering an updated and improved line of table-top gun clean and lube systems that are unrivaled in performance, design, and functionality. These are engineered to our strict USA standards of Military grade ultrasonic firearm cleaning systems scaled down to create best product without sacrificing quality or performance. Infante’s ultrasonic gun clean & lube process is the fastest and most thorough in the industry!

Boasting 800 watts average of ultrasonic power and 1000 watts of heat, the S30 dual chamber model is THE long gun cleaner to have! The only system you will ever need for gun cleaning or coating applications.   Using industrial grade 2 mm thick 304L stainless steel construction, the unique fully welded drip proof flange tank design not only eliminates bulky heavy lube pan accessories but allows for true simultaneous cleaning and lubrication of gun parts without cross contamination of liquids. Each tank has its own controls and plug, which not only allow you to use power from two different sources but you will still be able to clean & lube with only one tank running. This unique design allows for carry over ultrasonics and heat between the tanks. Exclusive HD stainless baskets have a convenient suspension design that allows basket support above the liquid levels of each tank.



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