Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Effective, Safe Formulas Thoroughly Clean, Protect & Lubricate

Carefully blended high-performance maintenance products work together to clean any type of gun, protect it from the ravages of corrosion, and keep its moving parts working smoothly. Ultra Bolt Grease high-performance grease is specially formulated with polymer additives that give it exceptional adhesion properties for superior lubrication of high-load surfaces. Won’t thin out or fly off, so it prevents bare metal-to-metal contact that leads to friction, heat build-up, and accelerated wear. Great for “tight” accurized actions.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:342
Sinclair, Issue:5B, Page:146

SPECS: 10 mL (.34 oz.) plastic syringe dispenser.

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Size: .34 oz