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Cuts Down On Fouling; Increases Barrel Life

Easy-to-apply paste treats the inside of your rifle's barrel, greatly reduces friction for minimum fouling, faster, easier cleanup and longer barrel life. Synthetic-base formula is specifically engineered to disperse and absorb quickly into any metal surface with minimum rubbing; coats and cures in just minutes. Moly Bore Paste won't oxidize on firing so your bore shrugs off lead, copper and carbon buildup. Because Moly Bore Paste dries and cures quickly it can be used as a treatment for lubrication and protection of all gun and metal surfaces. After curing, it won't attract lint or dirt; great for protecting carry pistols and stored firearms.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:346
SPECS: Molybdenum disulfide paste. 2 oz.(57g) wt.
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Size: 2 oz