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Water-Repellent, Natural Conditioning Preservative For Leather

All-natural leather treatments condition and protect holsters, slings, rifle cases, scabbards, boots, and more. Specifically formulated for use on all types of heavy-service leather goods to replenish the leather’s natural oils. Restores suppleness to old leather and doesn’t leave behind residue in carved or tooled leather. Doesn’t contain petroleum or silicone. Leather Oil is generally all the preservative needed for those living in drier climates. Leather Dressing adds a blend of natural beeswax to create a soft wax/paste that provides even more water repellency for extreme conditions and climates.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:353

SPECS: Leather Oil contains pine pitch, pure mink oil. 8 oz (226.8g) bottle. Leather Dressing contains pine pitch, pure mink oil, beeswax. 4 oz. (113.5g) jar.

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