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A Do-It-All Cleaning Rod That Won't Damage Your Gun

If they're not used correctly, cleaning rods are a great way to damage your gun. Luckily, Breakthrough Clean is covering you and your firearm with this Aluminum Universal Bore Guide. The guide is designed to align your cleaning rod exactly with your gun's bore, so you won't be scraping one side or the other, potentially ruining accuracy.

Each Breakthrough Clean Universal Aluminum Bore Guide is designed to work with most bolt-action rifles, and the company includes a specially designed adapter sleeve that makes this tool compatible with the popular AR-15 platform. As an added bonus, this sleeve also reinforces the upper receiver while you're cleaning, so you can be sure you're not damaging your upper during vigorous cleaning sessions.

This Breakthrough Clean Universal Aluminum Bore Guide will fit firearm bores ranging from .17 to .416 caliber, and the guide even features an incorporated port that allows for the insertion of solvent-soaked patches. A threaded brass pin locks the guide to your gun's action, which stops it from moving as you're cleaning.

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