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Machined Delrin® guide lets you safely clean your .30-06/.308 bolt action rifle from the breach—the proper way—by protecting the chamber and rifling from damage by the cleaning rod. Just remove the bolt assembly and insert the guide in its place to keep solvent from dripping into the action or trigger assembly. Silicone rubber "O" ring keeps the guide centered in the chamber for a snug fit and prevents solvent leakage. Integral port machined into the rear of the guide lets you put solvent on the brush or patch without spilling it on your work area.

Will fit the following Actions: Borden Rimrock, COOPER 54 & 22 (chambered for WSSM cartridges only) ,COOPER 16 (WSSM) chambered for WSSM cartridges only, BRNO, Browning A-Bolt, CPS,Dakota Arms Model 76, GA Precision Templar, Stiller Viper, Enfield Model 1917, Grunig Elmiger, Hart, Herter Model V9, Husqvarna Model HVA & M8000,HS Precision, Mauser Model 3000, Mauser 38 Swedish Target, Mauser 98 type, McMillan Signature, Remington (all 700,600 &7), Ruger Model 77 short and 77 long, S & W Model 1970,  Savage 110, 112,11,12, Springfield 03A3, Stolle (all), Tanner, Weatherby, Varmitmaster, and Winchester (pre 2010 FN production).

SPECIAL NOTE: FN versions of the Model 70 do not all have .700 bolt diameters. Also they have FIXED ejectors so a slot has to be milled down the length of the rod guide body. So any Model 70 made after 2010 that has FN and not Winchester New Haven Connecticut stamped on the receiver is now a CUSTOM ROD GUIDE and you have to check the bolt diameter.

Sinclair, Issue:4S, Page:015

SPECS: Machined Delrin®, white. Silicone rubber O-ring. Fits bolt action rifles chambered for .30-06/.308 and other cartridges with a .471" case head diameter.

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Cartridge: 280 Remington, 280 Remington Imp 40, 280 Remington Ackley Improved, 7 mm - 08 Remington, 7 mm - 08 Imp 40, 7 mm BR (Benchrest) Remington, ...

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