Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

17A, 5-40 male/8-32 female converts .17 caliber Dewey rods to accept 8-32 rimfire accessories. SMBA, (.22-.26 caliber) adapters, and LGBA, (.27 caliber and up) adapters convert male end on Coated Rods to 8-32 female thread for use with all standard 8-32 accessories. LGBP, female/female, converts 12-28, male thread, Dewey .50 BMG and Large Bore rods to accept standard 10-32 blackpowder accessories. SBA, female/female, lets 30C series Coated Rods accept 5⁄16"-27 accessories. LGPH allows .30 caliber Parker-Hale rod to accept 8-32 brushes. 22A, male/male, 8-32 to 8-36 for .22 CF rods, adapts 8-32, female thread, civilian rods to accept 8-36 Dewey coated rod jags. 22SA, male/female, adapts 8-32 rods to use 5/16"-27 bore mops and brushes. 22M, male/female, adapts 8-32 female rods to 8-36 male, military, brushes. 22SA, male/female adapts 8-32 rods to use Brownells Hoppes and Outers 5⁄16" -27 brushes. 30A, male/male, converts 8-32 female rods to accept Dewey 12-28 female coated rod jags, .270 caliber and larger.

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SPECS: Machined brass. 22A, 22M, and 30A sold as 2-Pak.

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