Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Professional Gun and Parts Cleaning Master Kit includes brushes, solvents, oils, swabs and attachments for cleaning bores ranging from .220 diameter through .450 diameter. It also includes brushes and swabs for cleaning larger tubes and bores up to .750″/12 gauge. General detailing accessories include doubled-ended brushes, picks, an absorbent cleaning mat and cloth rags. The specially designed, professional-grade case provides four layers for versatility: the top layer houses cleaning accessories and attachments; the middle layers hold a cleaning mat and doubles as a portable work tray; the bottom layer holds bulk precision swabs, solvents and oils.
Features and Benefits:
  • For caliber and gauge sizes: .22 to .75 and 5mm – 12 gauge
  • Non-toxic and odor-free cleaning solution and lubricating oil
  • Prevent rust on metal components with premium, silicone-infused oiling cloth
  • Low-lint, industrial-grade precision cotton swabs
  • (8) Standard Bore Brushes 
  • (3) Long Micro-Tube Brushes 
  • (3) Double-Ended Specialty Brushes 
  • (2) Double-Ended Picks 
  • Interlocking-Claw Tweezers 
  • Pull-Through Cable and Push Rods with Thread Adapters 
  • Cleaning Mat 
  • Portable Work Tray 
  • Cleaning Solution 
  • Lubricating Oil 
  • Silicon Oiling Cloth 
  • 500+ Precision Cleaning Swabs


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