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Huge Savings On Top-Quality Cleaning Products To Protect & Preserve Your 12 Gauge

Convenient, money-saving kit is filled with top-quality cleaning products designed for fast and thorough cleaning of any 12 gauge shotgun. Just add a good cleaning rod, and you’re ready to prevent premature wear and permanent corrosion damage to the bore, and keep your valued firearm in peak shooting condition. If you purchased these items separately, you’d spend $89.95. Due to the economies of packing up a bunch of these kits, we can offer them at the discounted price which will give you a $40 savings! Kit includes Brownells powerful Shotgun Wad Solvent, hard-scrubbing Double-Tuff™ bore brushes, absorbent cotton-fiber bore mops, and large, 100% cotton flannel patches You also get a bottle of corrosion-inhibiting Friction Defense™ Gun Oil, powerful TCE aerosol cleaner/degreaser, a handy, double-ended small parts brush, and a large, absorbent cotton shop cloth for a thorough wipe down at the end. Everything fits into the deluxe hard-plastic case for convenient storage and carrying. The hinged lid features a comfortable, fold-down carry handle and an integral small-parts compartment accessible without opening up the rest of the box. A hefty cam latch pulls the cover down tight, while a rubber gasket forms a watertight seal. Inside, a removable tray lets you store and organize small items, while a huge 13¼" x 6¾" x 5¼" storage area below holds everything else.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:325
SPECS: For 12 gauge shotguns only. Kit contains (3) Double Tuff bronze bore brushes, (3) cotton bore mops, 200 square 3” flannel cotton patches, 4 oz. (118ml) Brownells Shotgun Wad Solvent, 4 oz. Friction Defense Gun Oil, 24 oz. (709ml) TCE Cleaner/Degreaser, gun parts cleaning brush, and shop cloth, all packed in a black high-impact plastic box.
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