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Compact, Military-Issue Cleaning System For .308/7.62mm Sniper Rifle & Other Weapons

Compact, easy-to-carry, military issue cleaning kit contains all the components needed to thoroughly clean the .308/7.62mm DMR-M14, as well as many other .30 caliber weapons, including M24, M40, M240, M1, and AK-47, in a compact, lightweight, easy-to-carry package. The kit’s 8 oz. of gear fit into the zippered MOLLE-compatible case and replace over 3 lbs. of conventional cleaning gear. Helps you maintain weapon in top operating condition no matter where you’re deployed. Flexible, 30" long cleaning cable allows thorough breech-to-muzzle cleaning, and the 8" cable is more manageable for cleaning the receiver. Both coil up neatly for storage in the case. Kit includes bronze bristle bore brush and chamber brush, slotted tip for patches, and a tube of mil-spec CLP for cleaning, lubricating, and deep-penetrating protection from corrosion. Scraper and two picks for cleaning bolt face and locking lug recesses, plus a lens brush for optics, all-purpose utility brush and complete instructions. All brass components have a matte black finish to minimize reflectivity. MOLLE-compatible case of tight-weave, waterproof Dark Earth nylon can also be clipped to a belt. NSN #1005-01-451-5119.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:343
Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:354
SPECS: Kit contains .30 cal. bronze bore brush, chamber brush, slotted tip, ½ oz. (14.2g) mil-spec CLP cleaner/lubricant/protectant, 10 cleaning patches, 30” flexible cable, 8” flexible cable, T-handle bar, obstruction remover/T-handle base, NATO adapter, nylon end brush, retractable lens brush, nylon multi-purpose brush, scraper, straight and angled locking lug picks, fiber/optic bore reflector/safety flag, and MOLLE-compatible carrying case of Dark Earth nylon.


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