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Cleaning Kit Made To Go Wherever Your AR-15 Goes

Compact, rod-type cleaning kit contains everything you need to protect the accuracy and reliability of your AR-15. Kit includes combination bore illuminator/safe chamber indicator that also pushes out takedown pins, aluminum rod sections, brushes, slotted tip, picks, and patches packed into a rugged, weatherproof, zippered case with a digital camouflage exterior. Internal tray holds cleaning tools securely, so there’s no rattling. Contains:

  • 5.56/.223 brass brush, phosphor bronze bristles
  • 6 threaded anodized aluminum rod sections
  • Chamber brush
  • Nylon, slotted tips
  • Straight and angled cleaning picks
  • Bore light/pin punch/3-in-1 safety flag
  • Bolt carrier brush
  • 5 start chamber cleaning patches
  • T-handle
  • Eva-molded case
  • No-rattle accessory tray

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SPECS: EVA-molded case, digital camouflage exterior. 2" high, 3 ½" across, 6" long.


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