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Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The AR Barrel Extension -  Lug Recess Cleaning Tool, is designed to quickly and easily remove dirt, brass and powder fouling from one of the hardest to clean areas of the AR platform firearm as well as lubricate the front of the locking lugs. Use with the P28ga-10ga Cleaning Patch or similar and the solvent of your choice to make fast work of cleaning the barrel extension and will keep your firearm running smoothly. Simply saturate the cleaning patch with the cleaning solvent, place the patch over the head of the Barrel Extension - Lug recess Cleaning Tool, insert it in the upper receiver and down into the recess, rotate with the larger side of the cam against the recess surface, remove the tool and the patch after several rotations, repeat as needed. To lubricate the locking lugs add your lubricant of choice to a patch and repeat. To remove extra oil or solvent a dry patch is used.


No longer deliverable by the Factory

Style: Rifle