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The Right Tools For A Difficult Cleaning Job

Make short work of cleaning heavily fouled AR-15 upper receivers, right down to the locking lug recess. Specially sized and shaped bronze receiver brush and wool mop quickly loosen stubborn carbon residue from the bolt carrier way and locking lug recess. Standard Kit for cleaning upper receiver, bolt carrier way. Deluxe Kit features a longer rod and a chamber brush that lets you thoroughly clean the bolt carrier way, plus the chamber and locking lug recess.

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SPECS: Standard Kit includes bronze receiver brush, wool mop, and brass cleaning rod with plastic handle. Overall length - 6½" (16.5cm) long, threaded 5/16"-27 tpi. Deluxe Kit includes bronze receiver brush, wool mop, AR-15 chamber brush, thread adapter and brass cleaning rod with plastic handle. Overall length - 14¼" (36.2cm) long, threaded 8-32 tpi.


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