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Scrubs Chamber & Lug Recesses Extra Clean - Fast

The perfect kit for fast, thorough cleaning of the chamber and hard-to-reach lug recesses in the barrel extension of AR-15 and AR-style .308 rifles. Each kit contains a detachable handle, a flexible steel braid, rubber coated cleaning rod, and a heavy duty bronze bore brush with a wider-diameter section of stainless steel bristles to scrub the lug recesses. Compact enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or range bag and ideal for quick cleaning jobs at the range or for thorough cleanings at home.

AR-15, Issue:11, Page:078
Big Book Catalog, Issue:70, Page:076

SPECS: Flexible, rubber-coated, braided steel 10” (25.4cm) rod, plastic handle, bronze/stainless steel brush. Models for AR-15 and AR-style .308 rifles. Accepts brushes with 8-32 thread.

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