Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Offers Everything Needed for Home Defense

When developing a shotgun designed for home-defense use, Benelli engineers started with the company's time-proven Supernova system, built with a pump-action mechanism that's been tested in rigorous field conditions and has come out on top. Now, this battle-ready system is built for defense in the form of the Benelli Supernova Tactical.

In addition to the gun's dependable pump-action mechanism, the Benelli Supernova Tactical is also equipped with a few extra features you won't see on the company's field-ready models. This gun is outfitted with a pistol-grip stock, providing a similar feel to today's modern sporting rifles. The gun is constructed on a steel frame that's coated with durable polymer to provide both strength and weight-savings.

  • Chambered in 12 gauge
  • Barrel length: 18.5 inches
  • Overall length: 40 inches
  • Magazine capacity: 4+1

Each Benelli Supernova Tactical is also equipped with ghost-ring sights for fast and intuitive aiming. However, the receiver is also drilled and tapped for all Weaver 423M scope bases, so you can add a red-dot for even-more intuitive aiming.



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