Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

An Inexpensive Tactical Shotgun

The Stoeger P3000 allows homeowners looking for an affordable, durable home-defense shotgun to reap the benefits that earned the gun the 2016 Outdoor Life "Great Buy" award.

The Stoeger P3000 operates on the same pump-action system that is found all over the world in common use, so it ensures that people can easily cycle 2.75-inch field loads or 3-inch magnum rounds.

  • 18.5-inch barrel
  • 12-gauge caliber
  • Built with durable polymer stock

The Stoeger P3000 is also finished in a durable, black coating that ensures protection and concealment.

STOEGER IND - P3000 12 GA 18.5" BLACK 3"

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