Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Tommy Gun Is Awesome; A Tommy Gun With a Suppressor Is Freaking Awesome!

With the SilencerCo Tommy Gun Summit you get two things that go together naturally: the iconic "Tommy" gun, famed in movies and Depression Era history, and a sound suppressor! Built around Auto Ordnance’s civilian-legal, semi-auto reproduction of the legendary Thompson Model 1928 .45 ACP submachine gun, this short-barreled rifle comes with a fully machined steel receiver and genuine American walnut furniture, just like the original.

Out on the business end of the SilencerCo Tommy Gun Summit sits a SilencerCo Omega 45K silencer, one of the smallest, lightest, and quietest centerfire silencers available in its class. Delivering impressive sound reduction, the rugged Omega 45K is constructed of blast erosion resistant Stellite cobalt-chromium stainless steel.

  • .45 ACP, semi-auto
  • 10.5” barrel
  • Fires from closed bolt
  • Blued finish
  • FFL required for purchase; NFA rules, and state and local laws, apply

For that extra feel of “Old Chicago,” the Tommy Gun Summit comes with its own "violin" case for storage and carry (a conversation piece in itself), plus a 20-round stick magazine AND a 50-round drum magazine.

The SilencerCo Tommy Gun Summit is a one of a kind package that’ll give you a shooting experience like no other, and it’s sure to be a hit with collectors too!



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