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Classic Kalashnikov Looks, Plenty of Convenience AND Performance Upgrades

The Arsenal SLR-107 is a versatile modern sporting rifle that gives you the classic looks and reliability of the traditional AK-47, with some pleasant surprises under the hood. It’s built around a new-manufactured, Bulgarian-made 1mm stamped receiver mated to a Bulgarian hammer-forged, chrome-lined 16-1/4" barrel chambered in 7.62x39mm.

The Arsenal SLR-107 is fitted with a Warsaw Pact length reinforced polymer buttstock that folds to the left side of the receiver to make your rifle exceptionally compact for storage and transport. There’s even a trapdoor compartment in the stock for storing the included cleaning kit. The Soviet-style pistol grip and handguard are made of the same polymer, with a stainless steel heat shield in the lower half of the forend to keep your mitt cool during sessions of sustained fire.

You can get your Arsenal SLR-107 in two configurations: SLR-107CR with a standard-length gas system OR SLR-107UR with a compact Krinkov / AKS-74U gas system that makes it ready for an SBR conversion (after submitting proper NFA paperwork and ATF approval). Other features of the SLR-107 include:

  • 24x1.5mm right-hand muzzle threads ready to accept the muzzle device of your choice
  • 4 groove, 1-9.44" (240mm) rifling
  • 500m rear sight
  • Bayonet lug for accessories that require one
  • Accepts ANY magazine that fits standard 7.62x39mm Kalashnikov rifles
  • Comes with one 10-round mag
  • Sling, cleaning rod, cleaning kit, and an oil bottle included

The Kalashnikov isn’t known for the refinement of its trigger, so you’ll be pleasantly surprise by the SLR-107’s smooth, consistent two-stage trigger (with anti-slap) that helps you take full advantage of the 500m rear sight or optic you attach to the side scope rail. You can shoot this AK a lot because its chrome-lined bore lets you use the super-cheap milsurp ammo with corrosive primers - just make sure you clean the gun pronto after every range session.

Arsenal’s SLR-107 is constructed of 100% new-manufactured parts made in Bulgaria and the U.S., so it’s fully compliant with Title 18 USC Section 922(r) parts-source restrictions.


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