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Classic Under-Folder AK Looks in a Much More Robust, Fun-To-Shoot Package

The Arsenal SAM7UF is an AK-47 pattern rifle built around a forged-then-milled receiver that is exceptionally strong, mated to a hammer-forged, chrome-lined, 7.62x39mm chambered barrel manufactured using advanced Steyr barrel technology.

The SAM7UF’s most distinctive features is its straight-back under-folding stock that solidly locks open (or closed) parallel to the action and the bore. It looks like a traditional Eastern Bloc under-folder but is far more robust, secure, and reliable. Whether folded or extended position the SAM7UF’s stock locks on both sides of the receiver with four solid pins. And when folded it easily clears a full-capacity 30-round magazine, making this one versatile stock-rifle combination.

The SAM7UF’s reinforced molded polymer furniture includes a stainless steel heat shield in the lower half of the forend to keep your mitt cool during sessions of sustained fire. You’ll find the ergonomically enhanced pistol grip is extremely comfortable and far better in helping you control the rifle than the standard lump of Bakelite still found on many Kalashnikovs. Other features:

  • Standard 14x1mm left-hand muzzle threads ready to accept the muzzle device of your choice
  • Thread protector included
  • Bayonet lug for mounting accessories that require one
  • Rugged military-type front/rear sights
  • 4 groove, 1-9.44" (240mm) rifling
  • Accepts ANY magazine that fits standard 7.62x39mm Kalashnikov rifles
  • Comes with one 10-round mag
  • Sling, cleaning rod, cleaning kit, and an oil bottle included

You’ll want to shoot your SAM7UF a lot because of its smooth, consistent trigger pull, and fast, positive reset - unusual for any service rifle, let alone an AK! Fortunately, you can shoot this AK a lot because its chrome-lined bore lets you use the super-cheap milsurp ammo with corrosive primers - just make sure you clean the gun pronto after every range session.

Arsenal’s SAM7UF is constructed of 100% new-manufactured parts made in Bulgaria and the U.S., so it’s fully compliant with Title 18 USC Section 922(r) parts-source restrictions.



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