Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Standard Mike-9B 9mm Front Charge Rifle sports a Match Grade 16" 1-10 9mm Barrel, A 4-position Non-Reciprocating Front Charge Handle, Monolithic Style Upper Receiver, Mil-Spec Grip and Stock, Flash Hider, and a slim lightweight MLOK Compatible 15" Free Floated Handguard

Foxtrot Mike products is offering the ultimate 16" Glock Magazine Compatible 9MM rifle, perfect for anyone looking to try PCC competitions, recreational shooters or for home defense.  

The rifle comes with some premium features, not found on other 9mm Glock compatible rifles at this price.

  • Patented last round bolt hold open, known for being super reliable and the best in the industry.
  • Patented ambidextrous 4 position non reciprocating front charging handle, located on the handguard for easy access.
  • Premium match grade milspec grade 41V50 barrel, with long duration, deep penetration melonite coating.
  • Ultra slim and lightweight 15" Mlok compatible handguard.
  • Monolithic style upper receiver.
  • Interlocking feature between the upper receiver and handguard, guaranteeing alignment and rock solid lock up.  
  • Premium cnc machined lower receiver with flared magwell.
  • Oversized magazine release for easy magazine changes.
  • Comes standard with proprietary 4 port muzzle brake, for quicker follow up shots.
  • Milspec GI trigger,  A2 Grip and M4 stock.
  • Premium 4340 Bolt Carrier, machined from pre hard material and coated with melonite for excellent wear characteristics.
  • Premium S7 Extractor and Firing Pin is standard on every Foxtrot Mike Products premium  bolt carrier group.


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