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The What Would Stoner Do (WWSD) 2022 Rifle is based on InRangeTV’s series of videos that asked, “What would Eugene Stoner, the creator of the AR-15, do today if he had access to modern manufacturing and materials?” The WWSD 2022 is InRangeTV’s solution to that question. Built by KE Arms, the rifle factors in lightweight materials, streamlined features and a reliable operating system.

The heart of the WWSD 2020 is the KP-15 Polymer Lower Receiver. The lower is lightweight and robust, with an integral buttstock, that is designed from the ground up to integrate with the lower and be molded out of polymer. The included RTS-1 Rekluse sear link technology provides a crisp, lightweight trigger pull. The Rekluse allows the user to put the firearm on safe regardless of hammer position. The Rekluse features a full power hammer spring for reliability with hard primers. Only found on the WWSD KP-15 lowers, are the PDQ ambidextrous bolt release. In the buttstock, you’ll find a JP Silent Capture Spring System that provides reliable function. The buttpad on the WWSD features a trapdoor for storing cleaning supplies or tools.

Like the Lower Receiver, the Upper half is designed to be lightweight and supremely rugged. The carbon fiber handguards allow for MLOK attachment on all sides. The 16 inch pencil mid-length gas system barrel is capped by am A2 Flash Hider. The included Young Manufacturing Bolt Carrier Group with HM Defense/HMB Patent bolt features a slick chrome finish, providing smooth function and ease of cleaning (note the bolt, carrier, and carrier key are chromed; the extractor and cam pin are not). The upper receiver does not include the unnecessary forward assist, saving weight and removing a potential point of failure. Included ambidextrous charging handle makes operation of the WWSD in a variety of positions simple and straightforward.

The WWSD 2022 Rifle from InRangeTV and KE Arms, the answer to what Eugene Stoner would do today.

The WWSD is not intended to use Back Up Iron Sights. As Karl and Ian discussed in the videos related to this project, BUIS are essentially unnecessary with modern optics. The Carbon fiber handguards is of course well suited for mounting, lights, lasers, slings, bipods, hand stops, and vertical or angled grips. If you do want to use BUIS, you will need to use an Arisaka Defense Low Profile rail (or similar) to mount the front sight. Standard height rails are too tall to zero irons when mounted to the carbon fiber rail.

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