Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Pump-Action Rifle Inspired by the AR .308 Platform

There's no reason you shouldn't enjoy the features and ergonomics of an AR-style rifle just because you live in a state controlled by freedom-hating statists. Troy Industries developed its .308-Caliber Pump Action rifle as an answer to those living behind enemy lines. This easy-to-use rifle gives you many of the features that today's shooters love about the AR platform, so you can count on it while staying legal in your state.

Despite looking a lot like an AR .308 and sharing many of its versatile design elements, the Troy Industries Pump Action rifle is 50-state-legal, because there's nothing semi-automatic about it. For each shot, you have to manually pump the action. Despite the manual element of its design, it's easy to use, because there's nothing more intuitive than a pump action, and the design has been counted on for more than a century.

The Troy Industries Pump Action is chambered for .308 Win. and is designed to accept all STANAG magazines. Outfitted with a 16-inch barrel, the rifle comes in at an overall length between 26-36 inches, depending on stock position. Each rifle is treated with an all-black anodized finish, and the gun ships with a single 10-round magazine.


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