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Precision Rifle With the Ergonomics & Portability of an AR-15 Carbine

The Q Fix in .308 Winchester is far more than a traditional bolt action in a chassis! It gives you the ergonomics of an AR-15 combined with target rifle accuracy straight from the box - no tweaking, no rebuilding in order to get the accuracy you need. The Q Fix .308 Winchester has a short, fast 45° bolt throw that’s about as close as you can get to a straight-pull bolt.

The Q Fix in .308 Winchester has a one-piece aluminum receiver - called a "unibody" receiver - that contributes to its superb accuracy by keeping the trigger, bolt, and fire control components in precise alignment and preventing accuracy-compromising movement between them. The trigger has a smooth, incredibly consistent, two-stage pull with a clean break at 2 lbs. An internal mechanism ensures the Fix is drop safe.

The free floating barrel is surrounded by Q’s innovative Qsert forend with a mounting system that accepts a variety of accessories and rail attachments. The folding stock is also fully adjustable to fit any body type. Other features:

  • 22" Bartlein barrel with a Tooley match chamber and 1-10" rifling
  • Ergonomics of an AR-15, including an ambidextrous AR safety selector
  • Accepts standard, non-beavertail AR-15 pistol grips
  • Uses SR-25/DPMS-pattern .308 magazines, including Magpul PMAGs
  • Bolt-on optic rail included
  • 5/8"-24 tpi muzzle threads that accept a sound suppressor or flash suppressor/compensator

And then there’s the name.... The Q Fix .308 Winchester provides a unique combination of accuracy and portability to "fix" many problems to traditional bolt action precision rifles while maintaining the portability of an AR-15 carbine.


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