Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

Micro-Compact Size with Outsized Performance

The ZEV Technologies Z365 9mm Octane Gunmod, developed in partnership with SIG Sauer, puts an incredible amount of performance in a very compact design. As well-received as the P365 has been, the ZEV mods just take an already reliable, trustworthy platform, and pump it up into a performance monster.

The Z365 9mm Octane mods of course start with the slide and trigger, putting the sterling reputation of ZEV Technologies into the two main components of the action. The aggressive checkering makes the slide easy to grip, and ZEV triggers have a reputation that needs to explanation. The sights are improved, the barrel is improved, and even the diamond plate laser stipple grip makes the gun feel more secure in your hand.

  • Weight – 1.11 lbs
  • Barrel – 3.1”
  • Overall – 5.8”

The Z365 9mm comes with two 10-round magazines, so you give up very little firepower, for the reduced size and maximized concealability. Chances are, when you carry, nobody will get a chance to see it, but when you take it out at the range you are sure to get some attention.


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