Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

A Compact PDW Ideal for Compact, Close-Quarters Use

Based on the company's MP9-N designed for military and law-enforcement use, the B&T TP9-N provides consumers with a semiautomatic pistol-caliber carbine that can be transported easily and deployed effectively in close-quarter scenarios.

Each B&T TP9-N features a recoil-operated mechanism that feeds from a proprietary 30-round magazine. The gun, chambered in 9mm, features a short, 5.12-inch barrel, which means that the entire firearm measures in at a scant 11.93 inches long. The total weight of the gun is just 3.75 pounds.

The B&T TP9-N is equipped with a tri-lug muzzle device that allows for the easy addition of a sound suppressor, and each gun ships with a single 30-round magazine.

B&T USA - TP9-N 9MM TRI LUG 5.12"

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