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An Affordable Honey Badger for the Budget-Conscious

The Q Honey Badger has been one of those must-have tactical guns ever since the original iteration of the design first developed by Advanced Armament Corp. However, the most recent rollout of the gun as developed by Q is beyond the budget of many interested consumers, so the company developed the Sugar Weasel as an affordable alternative that still provides many of the same desirable elements.

Each Q Sugar Weasel is constructed on a clear-anodized M16 receiver set that features no forward assist. The gun includes many of the same components found on the Honey Badger, including a fast-twist barrel, Cherry Bomb muzzle brake, adjustable gas block and 6-inch M-LOK handguard.

  • Barrel length: 7 inches
  • Overall length: 22.5-25 inches
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Ships with one 30-round magazine

Other features found on the Q Sugar Weasel include a six-position receiver extension with a carbine-length spring and buffer, as well as an SB Tactical SBA3 pistol-stabilizing brace. You'll also find a clear-anodized charging handle, single-stage trigger and a 90-degree safety selector on the gun.


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