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Compact Concealed Carry Pistol With Full-Sized Capacity & Features

The micro-compact, Sig Sauer P365 strikes the right balance between capacity and concealment. Rated for +P ammunition, this striker-fired 9mm pistol hold a full 10 rounds in its double-stack mag, yet retains a slender, concealment-friendly 1" width. The fully textured polymer grip makes it easy to hang on to your P365 under recoil, while deep serrations on the stainless steel slide provide a positive gripping surface when racking the slide.

With the P365, Sig also proves that packing a small, concealable pistol does not require a compromise in trigger quality. The P365 has a remarkably clean, crisp trigger pull for a small striker-fired pistol. There is no manual safety to complicate the firing sequence; an internal firing pin block allows a round to be carried safely in the chamber for a fast first-shot capability - and an 11-round practical capacity.

  • Comes with two 10-rd magazines - a flush-fit carry mag and one with an extended finger rest
  • Reinforced molded polymer frame keeps weight & bulk down
  • Stainless steel slide has a tough, matte black Nitron finish
  • Rated for +P ammunition

The P365 is fitted with Sig’s Xray3 sights with a bright fluorescent green front dot for easy sight alignment in daylight and Tritium inserts for low light use. Further departing from the typical micro-compact carry pistol, the P365 includes an under-frame accessory rail, ready for mounting a compact light or laser.

With the Sig Sauer P365, you get more capacity and more concealability, all in a package that’s easy to carry all day, every day, 365 days a year!


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