Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

The Zenith Firearms MKE Z-5RS pistol is a semi-auto, NFA-free version of the classic H&K MP5 submachine gun. The MKE Z-5RS is manufactured on machinery originally supplied by H&K to MKE for license production of H&K firearms for the Turkish military. It is as close as a civilian shooter can get to the thrill of shooting an original MP5 without the prohibitive expense of locating one of the scarce and very expensive civilian legal variants made by the parent factory (briefly imported into the U.S. in the 1980s).

Almost as a bonus, you get to enjoy the ultra-reliable, super-smooth roller locking delayed blowback action of the MP5. When used with the included stabilizing sling, the MKE Z-5RS is surprisingly easy to control and shoot accurately. Functions exactly like an original, too, minus the full-auto mode, though the selector markings even include a non-functional full-auto position for added authenticity of appearance.

  • Aftermarket accessories that fit the original gun will fit the MKE Z-5RS 
  • 8.9" cold hammer-forged barrel (1:9.8"" twist) of rugged chrome-moly vanadium steel 
  • Tri-lug adapter for sound suppressor, plus 1/2"-28 threads for screw-on muzzle device 
  • Comes with "iron" sights installed, including H&K-style drum rear sight
  • Detachable Picatinny optic mount included 
  • Reinforced polymer lower receiver, with pistol grip molded as one unit, is extremely strong yet keeps weight down 
  • Handy dual mag release: side button and paddle in front of triggerguard 
  • Sturdy hard-shell case, 3x30-round magazines, sling, Picatinny optic mount, cleaning kit, and 2 spare takedown pins included

All in all, the Zenith MKE Z-5P pistol is the complete package: a gun that’s fun to shoot, accurate, extremely reliable, and sure to be the focus of conversation during your next trip to the range.


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