Brownells 75th Anniversary - A Shooting Heritage

With the M9A3, Beretta has achieved the culmination of decades of experience producing combat firearms, a coming-together of all the tactical and functional features that today’s combat professionals require. It is perfect for any tactical use, including home- and personal-defense, tactical competition, and duty carry in any condition. The Vertec-style vertical grip of the M9A3 offers two very important benefits. Its vertical configuration makes it easy to point the handgun to where one would normally point the index finger of the dominant hand. This instinctive pointing is highly prized by tactical shooters and makes for consistent - and consistently-accurate - target acquisition. Despite being able to accommodate a double-stack, high-capacity magazine, these grips are thin, making trigger-reach easy even for those with small hands. It also offers a compact profile for carrying the M9A3 concealed. Crisp checkering on the frontstrap and backstrap, as well as a removable wraparound grip, make any combat hold simple and consistent.The M9A3's "universal" slide is easily convertible from FS to G mode. This means the M9A3's safety lever can be used in a safety-decocker mode or it can be converted to perform a decocker-only function. The front sight is removable, for tactical shooters who have a distinct preference in terms of sight picture, material, or construction. In addition, the built-in 3-slot Picatinny rail under the barrel and in front of the triggerguard enables easy installation of tactical lights, laser devices, and more. The M9A3 was designed to be used in the heat of combat, so Beretta put a generous bevel on the magazine well to make tactical mag changes quick, easy, and sure. The magazine-release button is oversized, so it's easy to use when seconds count, even if you're wearing gloves. And the M9A3 is low-maintenance thanks to its hyper-resistant FDE finish that is practically impervious to the elements, sand-resistant M9A1-type magazines, and intuitive tool-free disassembly. Whether it’s on duty, at home, for concealed carry or at the range, the M9A3 will give you the best of Beretta’s long history serving the needs of professionals the world over.


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